Welcome to the Stress: Beyond Coping - a most comprehensive and powerful resource for learning how to manage stress. The ultimate goal of this series is to train you how to convert negative stress into positive stress, harmful stress into healthy stress.

The Stress: Beyond Coping eLearning Series is an Online Stress Management Training Program Designed for individuals, businesses, churches, organizations, health professionals, and educators. It is available through Bizvision. For details of the program, please visit the eLearning pages of this site.

For organizations wishing to teach this program in their venues, please visit the Materials pages for information and instructions.



Learning to alleviate stress is well worth the time and effort required. Dr. Skip MacCarty shares stress relievers from his personal experience.


Take advantage of the Internet to learn stress management online. Use BizVisions eLearning tools on your own schedule.

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Are you part of an organization that would like to offer stress management training to your community? The Instructors CD and individual workbooks provide the opportunity.

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